So are ghosts/ phantoms/ spirits real? Whether you are a cynic or believer the programmes on our TV today bring the subject into our homes and lives. Most Haunted (UK’s top but no longer filming), Ghost Hunters and Ghost whisperer (USA’s top). Although Ghost Whisperer was a non factual programme the other two programmes are reality TV trying to get to the bottom of answering the question that has been asked throughout the centuries. Do ghosts really exist and is there evidence?

Ghost tales and stories as well as sightings are not a modern phenomena and this site will look at ghosts of time gone by as well as ghost of the 21st century. I must state here that I am a believer in the paranormal  but I will endeavour to put the information both from the sceptical side and show factual evidence of the existence of ghosts where possible as earlier centuries cameras and filming was not invented and therefore do not have images to back it up.

As humans we ask ourselves many questions about our existence on earth and many either by religion or influences believe in the black and white. We live and then we die, end of. Others believe there is something after we die we do go on in some way and with our ever enquiring minds in modern times we are no longer persecuted or seen as mad if we have an experience or just believe there is life after death we can have open discussions and opinions on the subject and view the evidence freely.

The film industry has not helped portray ghosts in a good light. Many ghost stories are Horrors were ghosts are malevolent or malicious and evil set on sending fear into the living. Although on the side of the film industry they have several classical films that show ghosts in a different light such as “Ghost” and “A Christmas Carol” and the one even our children love “Casper”.

We are still left asking the infinite amount of questions. Are there really Ghosts walking among us? Is there an afterlife? Is there another realm besides this physical one we live in that we can’t see?   Only you can answer these questions for yourself but first you have to seek the information before you can make an informed choice. Each Ghost article, picture, video on the site will give you all the information you need to help you in your quest for knowledge and help you make your own conclusions and decision.

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