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Dragsholm Castle Denmark

The original Dragsholm Castle was built in 1215 by the Bishop of Roskilde. From 1536-1664 the Castle was used as a prison for noble men and the cells were equipped with a toilet and a window dependent upon their crime. An attempt to blow the castle up took place during the war against Charles X Gustav of Sweden. In 1694 Frederik Christian Aceler began to rebuild it. Today it is a Hotel, restaurant and attraction.

The Dragsholm Castle is said to have 3 ghosts. A Grey Lady, A White Lady and the Earl of Bothwell.

The Grey Lady is less seen but is thought to be the ghost of a woman who served in the castle and had toothache. Her toothache was cured and she returns to the castle to make sure all is well and thank you for her cure.

The White Lady ghost is said to have met her death in the castle. It is thought she is the daughter of one of the many owners of the Dragsholm Castle. Legend has it that she fell in love with a commoner and when her farther found out he was so angry that he imprisoned her inside the thick wall of the castle. There are plenty of sightings of the apparition of the White Lady and she is said to walk the corridors. In the 1930’s when old walls in the castle were torn down a skeleton was found with a white dress.

The third ghost that of the Earl of Bothwell ( James Hepburn) is said to be seen riding into the courtyard of the Dragsholm Castle with his horse and carriage. The Earl of Bothwell was the 3rd husband of Mary Queen of Scots and was incarcerated in the Castle for five years and died in 1578 at the age of 44. Kept in solitary confinement he went insane.

Earl of Bothwell (James Hepburn)

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